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"The Day My Parents Accept an Offer on My Childhood Homein American Literary Review, summer 2020

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"The Other Side" & "Witch Court Reporter" in PRISM International 57.4

"There Is a Snake" & "Women Dying" in Iron Horse Literary Review 20.4


"Dear Love Poem, Dear Memory" in Ruminate #50


"Two-Day Drive" in The Journal 43.1

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"New Medicine," "Florence," "The Furniture Room," & "Routine" in Prairie Schooner winter 2018


"On the Day My Parents Leave the Country They Leave Instructions for What to Do after Their Deaths" in Western Humanities Review


"An Archaeologist Shows Us a Skull" in Midway Journal, 13.2

"Eight Years Old and My Grandfather Says My Name Angry" & "My Mother Asks for Advice about What to Do with Her Father's Ashes" in Stirring: A Literary Collective, 22.1

"There Is a Snake" reprinted in Verse Daily, April 2, 2019

"Corkscrew" in Atticus Review, November 2018

"Melrose Abbey, c. 1100" in Columbia Poetry Review#31

"Hemoglobin" in Breakwater Review, #21

"On the Chicago River" in Mississippi Review, 45.1&2 (winner of the 2017 Mississippi Review Poetry Prize)

"Meditation" & "I've Had this Rhythm in My Head for Decades" in Forklift, Ohio, #33

"Poem Written While Writing Another Poem" & "Poem Starting with a Violin and Ending with the Hoan Bridge" in Toad, 5.3

"Genesis" in Spry, #1

"Prose Poem" in Mason's Road, July 2012


Interview with Anna Lea Jancewicz in Spry, October 2018

Interview with Christopher Grillo in Spry, May 2018

Interview with Richard Siken in Sycamore Review, 28.1


Review of Andrés Cerpa's Bicycle in a Ransacked City: An Elegy in Southern Humanities Review, March 2020

Review of Anna Rose Welch's We, the Almighty Fires in Kenyon Review Online, March 2019

Review of Claudia Cortese's Wasp Queen in Electric Literature, spring 2017

Review of Fanny Howe's The Needle's Eye in Electric Literature, winter 2017

Review of Ben Lerner's The Hatred of Poetry in Sycamore Review, June 2016

Review of Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts in Sycamore Review, May 2016

Review of Jamaal May's The Big Book of Exit Strategies in Sycamore Review, April 2016

Review of Sjohnna McCray's Rapture in Sycamore Review, April 2016

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